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February 07 2018

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2018 goals.

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No reason for this post other than I noticed Garak stands behind people a lot.

Cardassian bedtime stories for your 2-year old


Mira was of the opinion that Teval should just read stories to the child, but Teval saw no harm in reading tech manuals as if they were stories. And truly, they were when he was the one reading them aloud, caring to make different voices to differentiate the different disruptors – something more guttural for the Klingon, more haughty and high-pitched for the Romulan (because Teval imagined them to have high-pitched voice because of their pointed ears – in Kardasi, the adjective to describe such sharpness was the same), and he gave the Federation a scheming, cunning whispering voice, because he’d always imagined them to be very deceiving like that, beyond the upfront facade they offered. Backstabbing whores, that was what they were, he explained to Izemir. 

— the adjective is irpeki, for high-pitched, piercing, pointy things. Aliens count as things.

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Weyoun- “The key to holding the Federation is Earth.”

W- “If there is to be organised resistance against us, its birthplace will be there.”

Dukat- “You could be right.”

W- “Then our first step is to eradicate its population.”

D- “You can’t do that.”

W- “Why not?”

D- “Because…”

D- “A true victory is to make your enemy see”

D- “that they were wrong to resist you in the first place.”

D- “To force them to acknowledge your greatness.”

W- “Then you kill them?”

D- “Only if it’s necessary.”

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Dukat- “Perhaps the biggest disappointment in my life”

D- “is that the Bajoran people still refuse to appreciate”

D- “how lucky they were to have me as their liberator.”

D- “I protected them in so many ways,”

D- “cared for them as if they were my own children.”

D- “But to this day, is there a single… statue of me on Bajor.”

Weyoun- “I would guess not.”

D- “And you’d be right.”


Hey let’s check in on Worf:

Well that’s enough of that


thought 4 later, when not subsumed by coursework: star trek is mostly about individuals striving to be their best and act nobly; ds9 shows individuals trying to do this but straining against and inevitably hemmed in by their own limitations. sisko doesn’t get to know peace, dax never quite grows up, bashir gets his idealism thrashed out of him

this is just like…a thought. idk

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Imagine how much better Take Me Out to the Holosuite would have been if Garak was on the team but like only because Julian made him because “fun couple activity” and “you need to get along with my friends Elim”

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Garak and Julian Bashir from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Artist: https://jossujb.deviantart.com

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▪️ 4 Kira Nerys phone wallpapers

▪️ Like or reblog if you use them please :)

▪️ Don’t repost or claim as your own!

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Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Artist: https://k-withoutheart.deviantart.com

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FOUR visitors to the infirmary

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▪️ 2 Julian Bashir phone wallpapers requested by @/anon and 2 Damar phone wallpapers requested  by @ladyvean

▪️ Like or reblog if you use them please :)

▪️ Don’t repost or claim as your own!


I’m not sure if there’s going to be a plot point or a development later, but atm Dukat’s “hey heard you’re going sailing” call just makes him sound really lonely

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