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October 24 2017

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Kor, Koloth & Kang - DS9

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The ferengi: a summary

produdfctititty replied to your post “Lorca’s building a little army of people who owe him favours and…”
Glad you are also having this thought process.

I’m also looking forward to some really chewy, crunchy stuff, like – well, I mean, Michael and Lorca are going to have Michael and Georgiou’s conversation backwards, right?

“Don’t you think saving the life of this crew - of Tilly, of Stamets, of your friends, of everyone in the Federation – is more important?”

“… no. It can’t be. We’re Starfleet. We come in peace.”

Choose Your Captain, Michael Burnham.

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Doug Jones talks about Saru’s butt [x].

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This Day in Trek

Star Trek: Discovery

October 23, 2017 - Season Two of Discovery announced for CBS All Access.


Star Trek culture is 50 years of dragging Sarek

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on the next episode of star trek discovery: captain lorca DROP KICKS a FORTUNE COOKIE

From Bachelor Blush to War Woman: The stories of North America's lost apples

“Bachelor Blush. Hog Snout. Montreal Peach. Rough and Ready. Sweet Seek-No-Further. War Woman.

Just some of the lost apples of North America.

Apples came to North America with Europeans in the 16th century, but spread quickly to become an important food source for settlers and Indigenous people alike.

There were once 17,000 varieties of apples on this continent. Of those, 13,000 have now disappeared — and only a dozen or so are available at a standard grocery store.”

Lorca’s building a little army of people who owe him favours and placing them in influential positions throughout his ship, so that when the time comes to go rogue, he can trust that they’ll do what he says.

He should never have picked a mutineer.

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Good ol’ slimey baddies


image Do monsters and villains count for Halloween posts? Maybe not, but I can’t imagine anyone would notice or try to fight me over this. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

October 17 2017

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Quick sketch of young Garak interrogating Dr. Parmak.

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im so sorry 

original comic by @rhymewithrachel on twitter

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Star Trek DS9: Profit and Loss // The Wire // Second Skin // By Inferno’s Light

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